Hinata Bus Trip with the 1st Generation

Let's go on a trip with the first gens! The girls went on strawberry picking, visited the zoo and spent the night together. Working together for the past seven years, they are finally going on such a trip together, what fun and excitement will unfold?!

220717 Hinatazaka de Aimashou ep168 English Subs

On the second part of the prized tour, Team B is at the dog park - can they teach young dogs new tricks? Oh and an oorigi for lunch, delish. Lastly, it was a theme park with another challenge in mind.... Who will thrive all these challenges and not get eliminated?

220710 Hinatazaka de Aimashou ep167 English Subs

During the Hit Campagin for the 7th single, the girls had a competition. On this episode, the winners of that will be going on a location shoot with Audrey (sorry Miho). With a little Hinaai touch to it, the rest will be fighting for airtime to get a free meal, how messy would that be?

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