Koeharu! ep10 (END) English Subs

In collaboration with Broken Subs

Download: Hardsubs


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  1. Hey, you may be interested in using pyTransciber to ease up the subbing process.

    pyTranscriber is an open source tool designed to transcribe videos and output an .srt file complete with timestamps and transcriptions. It has support for Japanese and it may help speed up the workflow.

    Now transcriber software cannot be depended on obviously, but pyTranscribe creates a transcription and aligns it with the timestamp of the video on where it was spoken. So even if the transcription can be wild at times, the timestamps are usually accurate enough that only little manual adjustments are needed instead of starting from scratch.

    If the scene is relatively quiet compared to the voices of the cast, the transcription it gives out are accurate most of the time. But the drawback is that it cannot recognize multiple speakers and thus, it either transcribes the cast with the loudest voice or gives up entirely.

    For it’s job of creating timestamps though, its more than good enough.

    I’m not related to the development of this software.

    GitHub repository: https://github.com/raryelcostasouza/pyTranscriber


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